A Practical Guide To Pigmentation

A practical guide to pigmentation

While effective products and treatments for hyperpigmentation do exist, there’s no instant miracle cure and the real secret to overcoming pigmentation conditions is knowledge and persistence. Read our expert guide to equip yourself with the essential knowledge to effectively diagnose, treat and stay on top of your condition.

There’s no denying Summer can be a beautiful season, but for those of us living with pigmentation concerns such a hyperpigmentation or melasma, periods of intense sunlight can begin to feel oppressive and present a constant struggle of wanting to enjoy the sun and being worried about the sun worsening our condition.

At Ace Aesthetics our expert team of skin specialists have supported hundreds of clients through a diverse range of journeys to overcome even the most challenging types of pigmentation and through all these journeys we’ve learnt that the single most important tool for both you and your practitioner is a joint determination to succeed. If you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to get on top of your condition then this comprehensive guide is the perfect starting point.



Pigmentation or Hyperpigmentation are broad terms to categorise a group of common, related skin concerns. Being aware of the fact that you have a form of pigmentation is not enough to work out the products or treatments which will be most effective and yield the best results. You must first get a clear, concise understanding of exactly which type of pigmentation you suffer from. If you don’t already know this then we recommend you take a look at our related article ‘The Most Common Types Of Pigmentation Explained’.
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The First Step

The first and most important thing we’d advise is to book a consultation with a qualified, medical skincare professional. Effectively treating pigmentation damage requires a bespoke skincare plan which prioritises keeping your skin safe at every stage of the process. The consultation allows us to get to know you, your skin and the history of your health and how your concerns have developed over time – all essential in order to build a treatment plan to treat your skin safely.

As well as developing your treatment plan, the initial consultation is also a good opportunity for us to outline what you can expect from each treatment and what you need to do in between treatments. Treating pigmentation requires a joint approach between you and your practitioner so it’s important you understand what’s involved and how long the whole process can take.


Preparing the skin

Before beginning any treatment for pigmentation we guide all our clients through an essential skin preparation process, this does two things. Firstly, it gets your skin optimised for treatment to ensure you get the best results possible but secondly, it ensures that we start with skin which is healthy and protected to keep your skin safe during any course of treatments whether that be in clinic or at home.

The skin preparation products we recommend vary depending on skin type and condition which requires a formal skin assessment to determine, however one of the main goals will be to inhibit the melanin production in your skin and build a good layer of UV protection on the skin before, during and after treatment. In our opinion any clinic offering treatment without a thorough skin assessment and consultation is not treating you safely and should be avoided. Consultations with one of our skincare professionals are offered free and can be booked online. Book Now >


Treatment Options

The treatment or combination of treatments which will be best for your condition depends on a number of factors which differ from person to person so there’s no one size fits all treatment. For clients who come to Ace Aesthetics, our skincare professionals have a range of different treatments which they will assess your suitability for. To find out more take a look at our related article ‘The Best Treatment Options For Pigmentation In 2021’.
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Homecare is perhaps the most important element in the successful treatment of pigmentation damage which is why we always support you through your homecare between and after treatments placing great emphasis on SPF protection “Keeping your skin protected from UV light between treatments is fundamental as sun exposure between treatments can completely undo months of hard work and take your skin back to square one!”. Alyona, Medical Aesthetician, Ace Aesthetics.

As well as giving you the knowledge and support for successful homecare, as a certified medical clinic we have access to the best quality professional skincare products available including Cyspera®, Zo Skin Health, Heliocare and Neostrata. We use these ranges and our extensive knowledge of medical skincare to recommend products which contain the best clinically proven ingredients to optimise your treatment and maintain results including, kojic acid, tranexamic acid, vitamin C, liquorice root, azelaic acid and AHAs such as glycolic, lactic and mandelic. If you already use these professional skincare products or know what it is you need then skincare lines can be purchased directly from our online store.


Lifestyle adjustments

We know pigmentation is a challenging condition to take control of and we never want anyone to feel overwhelmed so we always work with you to ensure the plan we have in place is going to be realistic, achievable and work with your lifestyle. If you’re someone who enjoys the sun, has an outdoor occupation or even someone with outdoor hobbies such as gardening, cycling or sailing and water sports then we respect and understand that it’s an important part of what makes you happy so we’re always on hand to give practical advice and solutions so you can continue to enjoy the sun in a way that is safe and minimises damage to your skin.


Free Summer Skin Health Checkup and Sample

Your journey to skin free of pigmentation damage starts here. Book your free consultation today and we’ll give you a free sample of our recommended professional broad spectrum SPF.
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