Our Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Zeena Adnan

Dr Zeena is a cosmetic dentist with over 8 years of experience. She has been able to combine her science background, dental artistic skills and detail oriented eye to gain huge confidence and experience in the facial aesthetic industry. Dr Zeena would love to meet for a consultation first to discuss any concerns and skin goals, she would do her assessment and give you her honest recommendation. Natural look is her signature and she goes by the motto “YOU, but enhanced”. When Dr Zeena is not at the clinic, she is either doing dentistry, going on more training courses learning the latest technologies in the market or travelling and visiting other countries.


Antiwrinkle injections
Lip enhancement 
Dermal filler 
Liquid face lift 
Profile balancing 
Cheek, chin, jaw augmentation 
Tear trough filler 
Non surgical rhinoplasty 

Price List

1 area £150           
2 areas £225     
3 area £275       
Additional area £49
Massetter £275 
Hyperhydrosis £350
Lip .5ml £200 
Lip 1 ml 250 
1 ml £250 
2 ml £450
3 ml £650
4 ml £850 … 
Non surgical Rhinoplasty £350
Tear trough filler £350 


What Clients Say

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