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What is a Skin Peel?

Skin Peels in Chiswick

Chemical peels treat a variety of skin conditions and are available in different strengths using a number of ingredients specifically chosen for your unique skin type. A chemical peel is a non-invasive treatment that removes dead skin, debris and congestion – to reveal healthier, brighter skin. 

NEOSTRATA ProSystem Peels in Chiswick

NeoStrata ProSystem Peels are medical strength Chemical Peels used by many dermatologists. They are highly effective, superficial peeling system used to provide clinically proven results. They are used to remove the top layer of damaged surface cells; this reveals fresh cells that are smoother and brighter. The treatment also stimulates cell turnover and encourages collagen and elastin production in the deeper layers that plumps the skin. 

  • Customizable Procedures with 6 peel Options
  • Glycolic Acid peels: 20%, 35%, 50% and 70%
  • Clarifying peel: 30% Mandelic and Citric Acid
  • Brightening peel: 30% Citric Acid

NeoStrata has proven results for the following skin concerns: Improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Increased smoothness, Evening of skin tone, Enhanced natural glow, Visual softening of acne scars, Reduced appearance of blemishes, Diminished appearance of pore size.


Clarifying Peel


• Designed for patients whose primary concern is oily or acne-prone skin conditions, including superficial acne scarring or spots

Brightening Peel

30% CITRIC ACID, pH 1.6 

• Ideal for patients with uneven pigmentation and discolorations, such as photoaging induced dyschromia, sunspots or melasma brighter, more radiant skin

Rejuvenating Concentration Peels

Varying from 20% to 70% in strength


NeoStrata FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Ossential® Stimulator Peel Chiswick

The ZO Stimulator Peel stimulates cellular turnover, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin tone and texture.

Ossential® Stimulator Peel, is based on a combination of salicylic, lactic and citric acid. This ‘lunchtime peel’ can exfoliate the skin efficiently, removing dead skin cells without the downtime associated with more aggressive peels. Results include improving fine lines and superficial blemishes for fresher, clearer-looking skin underneath. This peel is suitable for all skin types.

zo skin peel

Cosmelan® Melasma Peel - Coming Soon

Melasma is a very common skin condition. It causes dark irregular patches on skin, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation.

Most people, at some point of their lives, come across this patchy brown discolouration and while it’s not a dangerous condition, it’s certainly an unpleasant one. 

Causes of Melasma


Hormone fluctuations that come with pregnancy are often a cause of Melasma. Known as ‘The mask of pregnancy’, melasma is caused when a woman’s hormones change throughout pregnancy.

Birth control pills

Besides their main function of preventing pregnancy, birth control pills are used to ease many different things – period pains, acne, oily skin. It is a little wonder-pill which helps with different small but important problems in life. But like all the good things in life – it all comes with a cost. This time the cost is an increased chance of hyperpigmentation. You may have a higher chance of having melasma 

Genetic predisposition. 

Usually, for example, it is the people with a darker skin tone who are most likely to be affected by this skin condition. Your beloved skin products can cause it Skin products that tend to irritate, inflame or burn your skin can cause hyperpigmentation. 

Sensitive Skin

If you use skincare products that sting or burn, consider buying softer ones to avoid black spots. 

Lack of Sun protection

Ultraviolet radiation is prone to penetrate the skin cells on the face and cause a mutation leading to darkening of the skin cells. It is always useful to wear adequate clothing and we also remind you that the use of sun protection is crucial for healthy looking skin.

How does the peel work?

The peel uses kojic acid to induce a quick depigmentation action. 

The Kojic acid works by inhibiting melanin in the skin. It physically peels the skin layers and regenerates the skin. 

It significantly reduces the abnormal, dark, blotchy, discoloured patches on the skin.

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