A radical treatment that’s making itself heard on the aesthetics market at the moment is Focus Dual. Set to become a favourite among patients and practitioners alike, Focus Dual is setting high standards when it comes to rejuvenating the look and feel of the skin. Providing a real treat for our patients, Ace Aesthetics in Richmond has got in early with making this fantastic treatment available at the clinic. The results that Focus Dual produces are send-to- none, which is why it’s developing an excellent reputation – fast.

At Ace Aesthetics we are aware that many people look to improve their appearance in the summer; whether that’s to look and feel great while sipping cocktails on the beach, or simply just to enjoy the sunny season knowing they’re looking their very best. A rejuvenating treatment such as Focus Dual can do wonders for the complexion, addressing the tone, texture and appearance of the skin to ensure it’s looking is as radiant as it can.

“But, what is Focus Dual?” we hear you ask.

Well, this is a treatment that can be used on various areas of the face, including: the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, jawline and under the chin. It aims to lift and tighten loose / sagging skin that has also developed fine lines and wrinkles. Focus Dual offers a range of treatment protocols including: wrinkle-reduction, non-surgical skin tightening and skin lifting, double chin reduction, scar treatment, jawline contouring and eyebrow lifting, which concentrate on reducing the common signs of ageing, allowing a fresher appearance to emerge.

“How does Focus Dual work?”

The reason Focus Dual stands out from other anti-ageing treatments is because it combines the benefits of HIFU with the efficacy of RFM (RadioFrequency Microneedling). HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) targets the deeper layers of the skin, delivering heat to the tissues which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It is these naturally occurring proteins that ensure the skin’s inner structure is both firm and full, giving the outer layers a smooth and plump appearance.

Working within the SMAS layer of the skin, RFM also delivers heat to the skin’s cells to stimulate the fibres. But it’s done through a series of microchannels made in the skin with the dermaroller device. By puncturing the skin, it creates a more effective method of delivering radiofrequency energy to the tissues, as well as triggering the body’s natural healing response. In addition to increasing collagen levels and restoring the skin’s youthful structure, damaged skin cells are also repaired to give the complexion a more even texture and tone.

Ace Aesthetics can’t shout about the Focus Dual treatment enough, and we urge anyone who’s looking to revitalise their tired appearance to consider this as an option. Although great treatments on their own, when RFM and HIFU are combined into one procedure they are amazing. The results you may achieve with RFM or HIFU alone, are greatly enhanced with Focus Dual for a much more dramatic and noticeable effect.

“Is Focus Dual safe?”

At Ace Aesthetics we carry out the Focus Dual treatment using a specialist machine by Lynton Lasers. This brand is well-known within the aesthetics industry and is the number one manufacturer of laser and IPL machines in the UK – they are also a leading supplier for the NHS. Their equipment is designed and made to the highest quality, and is built according to the results of scientific research. The technology used in Lynton Lasers’ ground-breaking devices ensure the treatment is both safe and effective, producing outstanding results. When this technology is coupled with the high level of skill from our practitioners, you can feel confident that the treatment will provide you with the best results possible.

“So, how can I get the Focus Dual treatment?”

Ace Aesthetics in Richmond welcomes anyone who thinks Focus Dual is just what they’ve been looking for. You can contact the clinic via the contact page on our website or give us a call. We’ll conduct a pre-treatment assessment and consultation at a time that’s convenient to you, recommending the most suitable treatment (or course of treatments) based on your concerns.