Gift The Perfect Treatment This Mother’s Day

Mother Day Skin Treatment Guide 2022

When it comes to gifts for a special Mum, Granny – or even dropping hints for Yourself! We can’t think of anything more perfect than the gift of beautiful, glowing skin. However, we also know that while you may know your Hydrafacial from your Skin peel, our Mothers may need a little more guidance – some may even find the prospect of professional skincare treatments daunting. To get your loved one on the road to feeling refreshed and revitalised, we’ve put together our ultimate recommendations for skincare treatments for Mums ranging from those who’ve never tried a treatment, to those who swear by them!


For the Mum Who’s Never Tried A Treatment

While many of us have grown up aware and fully open to the benefits of aesthetic skincare, growing up in our parents’ generation was a very different experience where skin treatments were mostly seen as medical and aesthetic treatments reserved for a brave few. 

For this type of Mum, the best way to start is to get them in for a free skincare consultation, it’s time for us to get them feeling comfortable with where aesthetic skincare is now and enlighten them as to how many highly effective treatments are completely non invasive. Once she feels comfortable and fully supported, we can then move on to discuss some of our ‘entry level’ treatments which give maximum results with minimum downtime and discomfort.

This includes treatments such as Hydrafacials to give beautiful skin nourishment, exfoliation and a healthy glow and Clearlift Lunchtime Facelift to stimulate collagen production and target fine lines and blemishes as well as overall lift and rejuvenation. When it comes to this Mum, we know we’ve really done our job when she chooses  to bolt on a MesoPeel which is our first peel to give beautiful skin radiance without the downtime or prep of medical peels. 

Whatever she tries out, enlightening your Mum with the confidence to try something new will undoubtedly be a memorable experience for you both. 


For the Mum Who Feels Too ‘Worried’ To Get A Treatment

Anything that’s new can be daunting but skin treatments can fill some with a very real fear for their long held association with pain, discomfort or something going wrong. This fear is of course exacerbated by the horror stories we’ve all seen which almost always stem from clinics not following safety advice, using sub standard equipment or lacking the training and qualification to keep their clients safe. 

The key again with this Mum is to encourage a skin consultation, this gives us a really good opportunity to first and foremost build a relationship of trust but also for us to talk in more detail about the state of the art technology we use, the training and qualification of our team and the extensive skin prep and aftercare which we have in place to fully guide and support each of our clients through their treatments. Once we’ve built that foundation of trust, we can move on to opening your loved ones eyes to the wonderful world of aesthetics and get her skincare journey started.

Similar to someone who’s never tried a treatment, we’d also recommend those with minimal downtime such as Hydrafacial  and Clearlift, which can also be delivered as the popular and powerful combined HydraClear treatment – perfect for giving your loved one the glowing healthy skin from the Hydrafacial as well as the targeted, rejuvenation and lift from the hardworking, collagen boosting ClearLift. We could also look at some targeted treatments such as ClearPigment or ClearVein using our state of the art lasers on their lowest settings which – when the skin is cared for correctly – can give incredible results.

However nervous your loved one is about treatments, you can be rest assured that we understand her journey and she’ll be well looked after and cared for in our safe, warm, welcoming clinic.  


For The Mum Who Refuses To Try Anything New

This is the Mum who’s been loyal to the same routine for literally decades without even a hint of deviation – it’s worked all this time so why would she change it? The problem is – our skin is a sensitive, dynamic organ and it’s so often the case that being ‘loyal’ to a routine just doesn’t meet the changing demands of our skin over time. We frequently see skin concerns at the clinic as a direct result of misinformed product loyalty including clogged pores, excess oil production, skin dehydration, broken capillaries… the list goes on!

We have to tread carefully with this Mum so we really recommend you leave it to the professionals and get her booked in for a skin consultation. Once we get started on a one to one, our experts can draw on the science behind good skincare and help them see the benefits of perhaps considering a slight change or new way of thinking about how they want to look and feel in five, ten – even fifteen years time. 

Once we have a convert on our hands the world’s our oyster, often this type of Mum will feel inspired and ready to try new things so here we’ll really be led by skin condition and concerns. This could lead us to a ClearPigment laser treatment for those concerned with pigmentation and wanting a fresh, radiant look or some Accent Radio Frequency Facial Skin Lifting for those ready to embrace a fresher, firmer skin quality. Once we get them back on track with their skincare, we could even start discussing some of our confidence boosting body treatments such as Emtone Fat & Cellulite Reduction. Whatever she feels comfortable trying out, you can bet this would be one of the most memorable gifts you will ever give her (and we’d put money on her asking for it next year!)


For The Mum Who’s Looking For A New Treatment

This is the Mum we’re all probably familiar with because if you’re reading this now, we’d imagine you consider yourself as already falling into this category – with or without kids. Lets face it, nothing feels better than a hard working skin care treatment and these Mums are living for some serious skincare action with their diaries cleared for some quality chill at home and recover time – so what could be more thoughtful than giving this Mum exactly what she wants and sending her on her way to with a gift voucher full of opportunity. 

If this Mum’s not already a client then she’ll be blown away with our state of the art treatments which offer a much higher quality of treatment than anything available in the area. If she’s into resurfacing facials, she can choose from Clearlift Laser, Tixel Mesotherapy or Medical Skin Peels. If she wants complete rejuvenation she can go for Dermapen Skin Rejuvenation or Accent Radio Frequency Facial Skin Lifting. If she’d like to go for some body treatments she could have a ‘cellulite blaster’ or tummy tightening’ package with Emtone Fat & Cellulite Reduction

You could even make it a monthly catch up and sync your appointments so you come along together, whatever she chooses to do, we can guarantee this will be a gift with her name written all over it!


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