Finding A practitioner who understands ageless beauty

Finding A Practitioner Who Understands Ageless Beauty

Personal Approach

When it comes to addressing your top skin ageing concerns, the first and most important thing to recognise is that the ageing process is a completely individual experience. Finding a practitioner who respects this is crucial. “We strongly oppose putting people in boxes, fully supporting and guiding clients through anti ageing treatments is a complex process and has to be approached at an individual, bespoke level.” Sue Ohri, Clinic Director


Skin Consultations

Skin consultations are an important step in developing your bespoke treatment plan. A thorough consultation should focus on your concerns both physically and emotionally.  “Examining the skin is only part of the picture; we have to get the client to consider ageing at an emotional level – how you want to feel as you age. Once this is established we can work together to create achievable skin goals and start building a more holistic treatment plan aligned with your physical and emotional vision of ageing.” Sue Ohri, Clinic Director


Mix and Match Memberships

Many of us are in a position where we know the exact treatments that work for our skin and can comfortably commit to a course of treatments. But that doesn’t suit those of us looking to give different treatments a go or simply have more flexibility in switching treatments mid course. 

At Ace Aesthetics we offer ‘mix and match’ style membership plans which offer full flexibility on the treatments you choose and the frequency of your visits. Memberships range from one treatment a quarter, to monthly treatments and come with a whole host of additional benefits including complimentary laser hair removal sessions, exclusive discounts in skincare, body sculpting, personal training and so much more!

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