Your Ultimate Guide To Cellulite Reduction: The Things That Actually Work

As a woman, unless you’re in a very lucky 5 -10% of the population, cellulite will probably be something you’ve lived with for some time, but cellulite can affect us all, with a reported one in every ten men also living with the condition.

Some of us may accept the light to deep dimples that most frequently form on the thighs, buttocks and stomach but for many of us, living with cellulite becomes a constant struggle and the need to cover up can make us feel anxious and at times overwhelmed.

The demand for finding cellulite treatments which actually work is high, with an enormous range of products and treatments available, most of which come heavily endorsed with paid advertising campaigns, it can be easy to fall into the trap of trying out a range of expensive solutions before giving up completely.

At Ace Aesthetics, our Medical Aestheticians have been trying and testing cellulite products and treatments using the most advanced technologies for over 18 years! To make the most of their experience and in-depth knowledge of skin health, we asked our experts to tell us everything we need to know to find cellulite treatments that actually deliver! 


Understanding Cellulite

What causes cellulite?

In understanding what to look for in a cellulite treatment, we must start by looking at what causes the condition in the first place. The cause of cellulite can be underpinned by a biological process which occurs within all of our bodies; the formation of fat chambers under the surface of our skin. 

Fat chambers are present in all our bodies, they’re completely normal and an essential part of our natural function however, the appearance of cellulite occurs when our fat cells expand resulting in the fat chambers becoming overcrowded. This overcrowding creates a tension under the surface of the skin which visually presents itself as dimples or bumps which are defined as cellulite.

How do we treat the cause of cellulite?

To effectively treat cellulite, it’s absolutely vital the treatment you go for targets cellulite at the source – the oversized fat cells sitting within the fat chambers beneath our skin. While creams and serums can be effective for other skin firming purposes, they can fall short here as they do not have the level of absorption required to target these chambers, the best method is to use sophisticated radio frequency technology which has the power to work beneath the skin and effectively target and break down stubborn fat cells.


Collagen stimulation

Understanding the role collagen plays in cellulite reduction.

Collagen – we all know by now that it plays a major role in the quality of our skin with benefits including improved skin elasticity, firming and plumping. We may also know that our body slows down in the production of collagen as we age. But to understand the relevance for cellulite, we need to take our level of understanding further and look at it from a scientific point of view.

Collagen, is a fibrous layer of proteins sitting under the surface of our skin which you can think of as a hardworking layer to keep the structure of our skin held together. The presence of cellulite on the surface of our skin is an indication that the collagen is being pushed so hard by the enlarged fat cells that it’s ability to hold the skin structure nice and tight is being compromised. 

What to consider when boosting collagen as a treatment for cellulite.

In order to get our collagen working harder for us, we can give levels a boost with things like collagen supplements and creams, but when it comes to treatment for cellulite, you really need to be looking for an intensive treatment which can provide collagen remodelling from below the surface of the skin. This is where combined treatments like Emtone which use both thermal and mechanical energy to fully remodel the collagen fibres is an essential part of the effective treatment of cellulite.


Restoring skin elasticity

What is skin elasticity and why is it important in cellulite treatment?

Often when we think about skin elasticity we package it up as being taken care of by collagen, but did you know that elastin is actually a separate protein also located beneath the surface of the skin? 

Just like collagen, this falls victim to decline in natural production as we age and is affected by lifestyle conditions including UV light and fluctuations in body weight. When it comes to cellulite, if you’re looking at a treatment or products which only focus on collagen, then you’re only going to be dealing with part of the problem. 

Finding the right treatment for skin elasticity.

Our best advice which comes from years of experience, is to find a treatment which states a specific stimulation of elastin fibers, as with collagen it’s important for this to be a process from below the surface of the skin so again a treatment such as Emtone which uses radio frequency is always going to work the hardest to give you the visible results in treating cellulite.


Enhanced blood flow

Enhancing blood flow in areas where cellulite is present, is a well recognised method in reducing cellulite. A reduction in blood flow is directly related to our bodies lymphatic drainage system which; when slowed, contributes towards enlarged fat cells and fat chambers as well as other unwanted toxins being trapped under our skin. 

Causes of reduced blood flow.

In looking at what causes a reduced lymphatic drainage system, we can often turn to our diets, especially when it comes to fatty, processed foods high in saturated fat and unrefined sugar. Trying to keep your diet as healthy as possible is recommended in preventing cellulite but we all know this is a really challenging prospect especially in western diets where processed foods are difficult to avoid as a part of our everyday lifestyles.

How to increase blood flow for cellulite reduction.

For many years, we’ve used cellulite body brushes at home to boost blood flow and stimulate our lymphatic drainage system which is great for daily use. However, when it comes to cellulite treatment, it’s really important to reach the optimal level of lymphatic drainage during the treatment itself. This will prepare the body to get the most from the other aspects of the treatment. Combined treatments such as Emtone, include lymphatic drainage as part of the treatment therefore allowing your body to get the most from the treatment.


Metabolic waste

What is metabolic waste?

Metabolic waste can be thought of as anything present within our body which we don’t need or can’t use. These can be naturally occurring substances which are surplus to requirement or can be harmful toxins which we may have put into our body (such as alcohol) which our body needs to purge.

Why is metabolic waste relevant to cellulite?

A build-up of metabolic waste becomes a harmful cycle, it reduces blood flow which in turn slows down the flushing of toxins which are then held in the body. These are all key factors in the development of cellulite.

How do we improve metabolic waste as part of a cellulite treatment?

Drinking water is a key factor in helping our body’s metabolic waste process as it gives us the liquid we require to flush away harmful toxins. For a cellulite treatment to be most effective, your body needs to be free of metabolic waste, this will allow the optimal blood flow and conditions for the treatment to effectively diminish fat chambers and leave your body in the best condition.


Cellulite Grading

What is cellulite grading?

Grades of cellulite vary and medical professionals use a grading system to diagnose the severity of your condition. This grading system includes; 

Grade 1 The condition only appears when you apply pressure (squeeze the skin). 

Grade 2 The point at which we most frequently seek treatment as although the skin is visibly smooth when lying down, the dimples appear on the buttocks, legs or stomach when standing up. 

Grade 3 The most severe grade of cellulite which many of us suffer with, where the dimples are visible at all times regardless of what position we have our bodies in.

Why is cellulite grading important?

Cellulite products and treatments will be developed to treat specific grades of cellulite but do not always explicitly state which grades the treatment is effective for. This can make product and treatment selection a process of trial and error which is both costly and unlikely to give you the results you deserve. 

When looking for an effective treatment to reduce cellulite, we recommend you find a specialist such as our clinically trained body experts who can accurately diagnose the grade of cellulite. This will come with a bespoke treatment plan tailored to you and your condition which will always work out more cost effective than trying an array of products which don’t yield any noticeable, real results.


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