Budge that Bulge with a Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment

You stick to your diet and exercise plan. Yet those won’t-shift saddle bags and stay-put ‘pouches’ still stick to you. And you’re left sticking to those ‘safe’ wardrobe choices. Trim those stubborn-to-slim-down bits with FusioMed, a non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It’s the wobble-free way to clothes-fitting freedom without needles, anaesthetic, downtime and serious side effects.

FusioMed ‘s fat reduction treatment works in two ways: after the applicator suctions the area, it targets and heats the fat cells with radiofrequency and then freezes them. (Patients feel a cold sensation that goes away after the first 10 minutes.) This treatment causes the stubborn fat in those cells to finally break down (lipolysis) and the cells shrink!  Then, these damaged fat cells die (apoptosis) and are flushed away by the body via the liver.

More treatment treats: After one fat reduction treatment (most patients are happy with just one), the wobbles start to whittle down after the first three weeks. The full and fitter effect can be seen three to six months later. Another pretty plus, this non-surgical fat reduction treatment tapers off in leaner areas while delivering all the slimming power to bulges without damaging muscles, bones, nerves, etc. And most patients can go to work right after the treatment.

Side effects of the fat reduction treatment: temporary redness, minor bruising, bruising, tingling, numbness or discomfort in the treated area that goes away within one week.

FusioMed CryoLipoSculpt’s non-surgical fat reduction treatment is currently being offered at a reduced price from just £700 £550 for one session, but you need to hurry as this offer won’t be around for long.