Freeze that fat!

I’ve always been a bit squeamish around needles and hospitals, although if things ever start to go downhill I’m not saying I won’t consider cosmetic surgery.

So when I heard about Ace Aesthetic’s new, non invasive fat reduction procedure (CryolipoSculpting), which overheats and then freezes fat to break it down, I had to find out more. I was further convinced when Sue, the director of Ace Aesthetics. told me that results are noticeable after just one treatment, it’s not painful and there’s no downtime. Okay, book me in.

So yesterday I found myself at the salon in the capable hands of Yasmina. Having identified a potential problem area (just under my buttocks), I was then told there wasn’t enough fat to treat the area – apparently, you have to be able to pull more than an inch of skin away from the body for this treatment to work.

Which just goes to prove that we often think things are far worse than they actually are. I then offered up my back ‘love handles’ and bingo, we were in business.

The procedure lasts an hour during which time you can relax, work or listen to music. As I was lying on my front (not the most comfortable position), I decided to chat to Yasmina and stare at the towel warmer in front of me.

So off we roll and the first thing you feel is a sucking sensation, it’s a bit odd but not painful – as though you’re being vacuumed. I soon got used to it. Once the applicator had ‘sucked on’ to my body, the intensity seemed to decrease and it even began to feel quite relaxing, as though fingers were massaging me.

I couldn’t feel the machine heating up but when it cools to near freezing temperatures, the area begins to feel rather numb. You know when you’ve been out on a chilly, windy day and your ears get really cold and ache a bit? Just like that.

I’m not sure if it’s the cold element or the fact that I was lying on my front, but by the end of the procedure I had to run to the toilet – it’s definitely stimulating something so make sure you empty your bladder beforehand.

The treated area was freezing cold, red and slightly numb for under an hour but by the time I got home everything was back to normal. Ace Aesthetics recommends that compression garments are worn afterwards to enhance results, so I popped a pair of mid-thigh shorts on, and plan to wear them regularly over the coming weeks.

This morning I had another look – I bruise easily and other body sculpting treatments have left me looking like an overripe banana, but there was no discolouration, swelling or marks. Amazing.

If the results are as good as the procedure I will be seriously impressed – in three weeks time I shall be scrutinising my body to see if I can notice any difference and will report back, so watch this space.