10 Things you need to know about Laser Hair Removal

Okay – who hasn’t had that awful moment of embarrassment, when unexpected hairs decide to show themselves, just when you least expect it?

Well, do we just shave it away and hope they don’t grow back too fast?

The thing is that there are so many ways to be rid of those unwanted hairs and one is faced with a decision of whether to tackle them on a very frequent basis, or to look at the permanent disposal of them. Laser hair removal has been the main method for removing and reducing hair growth permanently, but from home methods of removal – what is actually involved in making that transition to the laser world?

To discover how Laser can change your life, please read on:-


1. Removal or Reduction

The million dollar question is if laser can get rid of ALL your hair. As technology goes and its fast developments, laser hair removal aims at achieving 60-80% reduction in given areas, after an average course of 6 sessions. This of course depends upon all sorts of criteria such as skin and hair colour, family background, medical conditions and hormone levels to name a few. However, 80% is not bad going in just 6 treatments and is a no brainer in reaping its benefits.


2. Preparation

First and foremost is the patch test and consultation. This is a must and if any clinic does not offer this to you, one should be wary. It is important that you experience the treatment in the relevant area to rule out any allergies and side effects. The protocols should be explained clearly and you should feel free to question anything you are unsure of.

Each machine may vary slightly but the consultation should include;

Shaving and cutting out other methods of removal

Frequency of treatment

Products to avoid such as Roaccutane

Medical history and consent form

After care

Pricing and packages.


3. Sun Exposure Limited

As laser is attracted to melanin (pigment) – it is ideal in picking up the colour in the hair. However, if there is colour in the skin, the laser can confuse the skin for the hair and deliver a stronger light. This is why it is paramount that one does not darken the skin colour by sun bathing or skin bronzers. Having a sun tan can cause harm if not mentioned in your every session of laser hair removal. It can cause burn and damage to the skin.

There are however, new machines such as the Soprano laser that can treat whilst there is a tan on the body. It is still recommended that 2 weeks should lapse for the sun activated skin to calm down.

Increased photosensitivity also needs mentioning here as the laser light can also increase your chances of pigmentation. This is displayed as unwanted forms of dark skin, hyper-pigmented which can be a huge nightmare to get rid of.


4. Skin Colours

As indicated within the sun exposure section above, darkening of the skin can be fatal in laser treatments.  For those with dark Mediterranean, Asian and black skin – there is nothing lost as certain machines have been dedicated for safe use. The delivery of the laser light may vary from quick flashes of high heat, to an even distribution with motion technology.  I cannot recommend the Soprano Xli enough for providing me with the results on darker skins and keeping my clients thoroughly happy and safe.


5. Hair Colours

As amazing as laser and soprano technology is, it will only recognise hair with colour (pigment). Unfortunately, white and blonde hairs do not have the choice of laser hair removal and it is also noted that red hair or red colour genes will not pick up the laser energy. Isn’t it time this was tackled – come on you genius’s.


6. Pain or Pain free?

Laser hair removal has been known to have some pain inflicted with it, depending on the density of the growth, skin and hair colour and the type of machine used. There are all sorts out there ranging from IPL, ND Yag, Diode, Ruby and Alexandrite. They all use quite different wave lengths suited to different types of customers, and they all vary in their discomfort levels.

Opting for the minimal pain, there is one machine on the market called Soprano made by Alma lasers. They have the “Pain free, Hair free” motion technology using a diode laser. This allows for it to be used for all skin colours with minimal discomfort.

All other machines work on pulse shots that emit relevant heat levels, which sometimes can be strong and unbearable. Make use of your patch tests at the clinics and feel the differences.


7. In growing Hairs

How annoying are these? They could be side effects from waxing, from thick dense areas or from having curly hair growth. The good thing is that when laser light gets to it, they will be removed eventually leaving silky smooth skin. Laser will help especially  beards, bikini and black hair growth, by destroying their growth.


8. The science

Here’s the clever bit – the laser light is emitted to the skin to the edge of the hair which then travels through to the other side. The light converts into heat which helps cut off the blood supply to the hair without damaging any surrounding tissue. This will stop its further growth and allow that hair to fall out within the next week or 10 days or so.

As there are 3 stages to hair growth, only through the Anagen stage will successful hair removal be achieved. Unfortunately, it is impossible to recognise the stage from the exterior, which is why several treatments are needed.


9. Coverage – does it include ALL areas?

Oh yes, this is the beauty of laser hair removal. You may have to research which is best suited to you, but ALL areas can be lasered, sometimes depending upon the practitioner.

Down below and behind is the most common request (in my experience anyway) and results are phenomenal.


10. An Investment

We can do the sums and calculate the costs of waxing, razors, creams & epilators used throughout a lifetime, versus the cost of a course of laser treatments. It could be one or two areas or a whole body scenario – full body prices vary from £750 to £3000. How can one put a price to the convenience of hair free skin and the embarrassing situations one can face.  If it’s affordable then please read the reviews of happy customers and how it has made a difference to them.


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