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Proficient /Personal /Pain free


Ace Aesthetics is a boutique clinic offering a unique and personalised service to its clients, specialising in pain-free laser hair removal for men and women, Ace aims to provide safe and effective treatments in a professional and clean environment. The clinic uses the award winning Soprano Xli laser, which is virtually pain-free, designed to treat all skin types and delivers visible and fast results more comfortably than any other laser.

At Ace Aesthetics, you can rest assured that you are in qualified hands. The clinic is owned by Sue Ohri who personally carries out consultations and performs the treatments with her team. With over 10 years’ expertise in aesthetics and clinic management, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.  All practitioners are fully qualified, trained and certified and provide the highest standard of care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that feels comfortable to clients. The clinic is also overseen by a Laser Protection Advisor, and holds a valid special treatments license with Richmond borough council.

Ace provides a highly bespoke service in that each client is treated on a completely individual basis. A personal treatment program will be drawn up with regular reviews on their treatment performance. Our aim is to attend to your needs and provide you with the latest non-surgical practices for your personal contentment.




Proficient - Using our competence of 10 years’ and delivering quality, without cutting corners

Personal - A highly bespoke service for each client, treated on a completely individual basis;in-depth consultations take place to ensure needs and expectations are met. No two clients are the same.

Painfree - Adopting a ‘no pain’ stance, that aesthetic treatments can be comfortable using the right type of technology. We invest in the most advanced equipment for your well-being.

Furthermore, we believe in supporting SME (Small & medium Enterprises)

Build local community support and encourage commercial partners, including Richmond Rugby FC.

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